Get set SOW!

As the nights slowly draw in and September comes to a close, I think it is fair to say this month has been delightful in showering us with warm sunny days, giving us the perfect little lift before the cooler weather sets in. Here in Suffolk our lawns are now scattered with falling leaves and the horse chestnut trees are in full bloom, so Autumn has officially arrived! This season is such a beautiful one, so colourful and crisp, yet were still clinging onto summer, adding a few cheeky layers as and when the wind picks up!

The warmer days have certainly extended the growing season, allowing seeds to germinate quickly in the warm soil. September is perfect time to harvest tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, not forgetting to clear up your cucumbers. Four deliciously scrumptious ingredients that add mouth-watering flavours to many dishes. It is also the time to start sowing vegetables and plan ahead for what you would like to grow for spring and summer pickings next year.

After a summer of intermittent weather, I am sure your greenhouse is crying out for some TLC! If your greenhouse is looking fairly empty, now is the time to give it a really good clean and disinfect it to avoid pests and disease setting in over winter. Remove any shading from the glass to allow as much light into the greenhouse as possible. As we approach October, make sure you move tender plants into the greenhouse to protect them from early frosts. Keep an eye on the weather as you may need to install a greenhouse heater if the temperature drops.

If you still haven’t managed to get your hands on a greenhouse we’re thrilled to say that stock is now flooding back in, so the dreaded ‘out of stock’ sign will hopefully be removed from most of our models! We thank you once again for your patience after what has undoubtedly been a very challenging time for us all. That aside, it has been incredible to be part of this growing journey and watch millions of new gardeners embrace the outdoors and reap the rewards of growing your own.