Strawberries and Dreams!

After a delightful heat wave, it is of course predictable that here in the UK our weather fronts get balanced out with yet another cold and wet spell. It is nearing the end of June so we can’t expect hot and sunny days for the whole month now can we?! It is safe to say that we are forever kept on our toes in this country, although I am not sure any of us would want it any other way! In a matter of weeks, our greenhouses have gone from having heaters in every corner to every vent being thrown open wide. Our gardens do love the downpours we receive and you can almost hear the sigh of relief from those thirsty plants outside whilst we’re left to race around the house pulling shut the windows to avoid sodden curtains!

Looking forward, we can practically taste the mouthwateringly fresh strawberries and cream as Wimbledon approaches. Regardless of whether you’re a tennis fan or not, you really can’t beat watching a match, floppy hat tilted to the side, Pimms in one hand, strawberries and cream in the other… come on sun please return to set the scene perfectly for us!

We know many of our customers prefer to grow strawberries in their greenhouse to avoid pest damage but this way you also get to enjoy them a month earlier, and who wouldn’t want additional time  to nibble on those scrumptious red jewels!

We hope you have all managed to catch up with loved ones now the restrictions have eased slightly. We at Vitavia have been inundated with grandchildren’s birthday parties, so the bbq has been fired up and the trampolines have never been bounced on so much. Being back together and having our gardens filled with laughter and happiness again has been magical. Although the last eighteen months have been tough, it really has made us appreciate the smaller and simpler things in life. So wherever you are this summer, we hope you get to enjoy the fruits of your labours and make some lovely memories.

Now where is the cream for the strawberries and bring on that large glass of Pimms!