Happy Sowing, Happy Growing, Happy Days!

As February draws to a close and the days finally begin to lengthen, it’s time for your greenhouse to take centre stage. From sweetpeas to tomato seeds, let the sowing commence!

Lockdown continues to inspire a new generation of growing enthusiasts and our Vitavia greenhouse range remains in huge demand. Our greenhouses have been flying off the shelves as quickly as we can stock them and we must offer our thanks once again for your continued support, kindness and understanding as we endeavour to keep the growing going!

Exciting new springtime beginnings in the garden are just around the corner and after Boris’ update this week, there also looks to be bright light at the end of this long, covid tunnel! From March 29th our gardens can once again become a place of entertainment for small groups of family and friends, perfectly timed with those spring bulbs blooming.

If this last year has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the smaller things. The advice to ‘stay at home’ has perhaps made us focus more than ever on the pleasure even the smallest of gardens can offer. Our spirits can be lifted when we experience the thrill of watching new seedlings pop through the soil and then sit down to enjoy sharing some delicious home grown veg. Let’s hope we will never again take for granted a good garden chat with some pals over a crisp, cold bottle of wine!

Happy planting!