Blue Skies in Lockdown

It is without doubt that this has been quite the year! The fact that we somehow now find ourselves in November 2020 seems totally bonkers! The last 10 months have disappeared in a flash, yet equally feels like a marathon of confusion and worry since the first lockdown took place back in March. 


We hope that you are as ok as you can be during a pandemic and that you have managed to find some comfort in having to stop and enjoy the simple things in life, albeit following strict government guidelines. 


For those of us lucky enough to have gardens, we have certainly found a means of escape, an oasis of calm amongst the midst of dread flowing overhead. We have seen social media explode with people gardening for the first time, families coming together as they dig a little plot in their garden, or plant pots and crops in their greenhouse to tend and watch over them daily. The knowledge of young children and their passion to grow and know what they are eating has been a remarkable result of having to slow down and stay at home. We are certainly not meaning that lockdown didn’t come without its many challenges, but this at least was one of the positive things to come out of it! 


At Vitavia we have continued to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. Many of our employees have been working remotely and orders have been coming in thick and fast. It has been so comforting seeing your greenhouses up and running and for you all to be rewarded with delicious homegrown crops. We must admit, we have never seen such gigantic vegetables, so the earth is certainly benefiting from us all taking a break!


As the UK have started another four week lockdown, I think we can all agree how important being outdoors is, whether it be your balcony, garden or a stroll to your local park. The outdoors has never felt so appealing. So please keep in touch, keep talking and we will come out of this even stronger and certainly better gardeners!