A Love Letter from your Vitavia Greenhouse!

Hello You!

Firstly, Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! Sorry for the delay, I definitely went into hibernation in January, but storm Ciara and Dennis certainly woke me up! I hope you had a good start to the year and are raring to go and smash 2020! You may not have realised it yet but I would really like to be part of your next lifestyle chapter. You’re already off to a great start  but with my support, you can do so much more to make this year a super healthy and happy one. Sound good? You up for it?

Right, so here’s where I see this going…

I have a feeling that this year is going to be a very big one for you. And when I say big, I mean a freshly grown, Marrow sized, big one! No more using a sharp knife to prick the top of the cellophane as you put the microwave on for 3 minutes. No more burning your hands as 3 minutes later you remove a bowl of boiling hot stodge of blandness.

No, I will not have you sitting there eating food that lacks punch, and do not get me started on the nutritionless, colourless plate in front of you. The only buds that meal will be waking up are from the chilled wine as you try and wash down the flavourless gloop.

But wait – there’s more? Where did you get this food from? A Supermarket. A large warehouse of packaged goods. Some you need, some that force their way into your trolley like an uninvited neighbour asking to see your new extension (which looks fab by the way). You pick up the things you know you need for convenience and speed but often forget the fresh stuff. I mean why buy fresh when Mr Supermarket has already put it in a ready meal for you?

However, that was the old you. Yes, I liked the way you did some things but now it’s time to tackle some new things – Vitavia Greenhouse things. OMG. I know you’re excited! You can’t wait. Growing things in a house. A new house. But wait, doesn’t green make you look absolutely fabulous. Everyone says it brings out the colour of your eyes. Yes, you want your new house to be green (or black or silver), you get where I am going here, a GREENhouse if you will. Let me tell you a little secret……Vitavia has lots of them.

I come in all shapes and sizes you know. Big ones, small ones. Ones that lean. Who knew you could buy something that leans? I thought leaning was for tired people. But you are not tired. You are eating the most nutritionally balanced food of your life, and you feel great. Oh and those curves – those luxurious curves that spill out like a rainbow on a rainy day. But enough about you – I’m still talking Vitavia Greenhouses, and those stunning curved eaves on the Saturn are sooooo you.

I haven’t even told you the best bit yet… what am I made of I hear you say? Anodised aluminium. Yes, you read that correctly, I am a greenhouse with a double A – so basically, I am AA*. Now you’re talking. The only thing that will be rusting in your world is your dance moves as you pirouette all around me.

Now the other big shift in our lives is the word that will probably evoke a Marmite reaction in 2020….. Veganism. For every Lewis Hamilton and Novak Djokovic extolling the virtues of a plant-based lifestyle, we have a Piers Morgan and Donald Trump bemoaning a society of floppy haired teenagers devouring broccoli. Regardless of which food path you choose, surely we can all agree that food really is at the heart of all the best experiences in life. If you put me in your garden, we could grow the most amazing food to enrich your life. The flavours, the nutrition and colours could be sensational. And believe me – eating a freshly picked tomato is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sorry supermarkets – but you just can’t compete with a homegrown tomato.

So, what do you say? I can see that you’re deliciously tempted by the idea of creating a wonderful super food future together. So come on, let’s get growing!