What makes Vitavia stand out from the crowd?

Did someone say December? At the end of this week?! Whether we like it or not, Christmas songs have been flowing through every radio station and shop floor for about a month already, so there really is no getting away from it!

Christmas Day is a mere four weeks away, so we thought we’d better give you some help! If you’re stuck for what to buy your loved one, then look no further…  A Vitavia greenhouse would be the gift that would just keep on giving! We have a huge range of models to suit all gardening needs, from our beautiful orangery style greenhouses, to stylish wall gardens where space may be limited.

But why choose a Vitavia greenhouse?

Anodised Aluminium – is the answer!

The full range of Vitavia greenhouses (14+ models in multiple sizes) are available in anodised aluminium. When compared to standard aluminium, as found in most other hobby greenhouses, there really is no competition. Anodised aluminium is a joy to behold! It really does set Vitavia greenhouses apart from the rest.

Anodisation is a process which preserves aluminium keeping it in pristine condition. An oxide layer is formed on the aluminium alloys and is thickened through anodisation to increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness.

Tougher, longer lasting frames are obviously a key benefit for a structure which has to withstand the vagaries of our climate.

So there you have it, your Christmas present for your loved one is sorted, so you better get on and order that turkey!