Ade discusses his Fabulous Phoenix!

Ade from Agents of Field, has a passion for plants and a background in television. Ade is a bit of an avant-gardener, usually found on the allotment, nurturing his fruit, veg and flowers. This year he became the very happy owner of a Vitavia Phoenix greenhouse, so we thought it only appropriate to find out why he chose us and what he thinks of it!


What made you pick a Vitavia greenhouse?

I liked the fact it’s a family-run business. Straight away you feel this is a company that cares about both their products and reputation. Customer care is important to them, as well as greenhouses that have been tried and tested, giving you quality and workmanship. Also, having recently moved to Suffolk, I wanted to support local business.

What made you decide on the Vitavia Phoenix?

Not only did it come in a very stylish black, but the low threshold is a great bonus, especially for someone as clumsy as me. With no threat of tripping myself over in the doorway, I can carry my precious plants in and out of the greenhouse. Also, with its high eaves, it means my plants can reach for the stars without fear of being squashed. Just what a tomato grower needs.

How was the delivery of your Vitavia greenhouse?

It couldn’t have been simpler. No fuss, no problems and delivery was on time, as agreed.

Was your greenhouse quite straight forward to install?

I have to say, it was a lovely chap by the name of Trevor Bailey who installed it, and he did a wonderful job. I don’t if it was his workmanship, or the crafted pieces of the greenhouse that made the installation look effortless. As someone who likes to know how things work, Trevor was very patient and explained how the greenhouse assembles and materials used. It was a real joy to watch him work, he clearly enjoys what he does.

What did you first grow in your greenhouse?

As soon as I got the greenhouse, I went a bit nuts with the sowing. From the off it was tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, chillies & broad beans. All this was done within the first 24 hours of having the greenhouse. At the moment I have more things growing in there than a commercial nursery.

What do you love most about your Vitavia greenhouse?

It’s a greenhouse that’s built to last.

Will you use your greenhouse solely for growing or outdoor living too?

It hasn’t been all work in the greenhouse. Having moved my favourite garden chair in there, it’s a place I often sit first thing in the morning. With the radio quietly on, I sip my coffee and daydream about gardening.

What has your greenhouse added to your garden space?

Everyone who visits our garden always makes a beeline for the greenhouse first, it gets so many compliments. As it sits in my new kitchen garden, it’s added so much style to the overall design.

If you had to sum up your Vitavia greenhouse in 3 words, what would they be?

Sturdy, Stylish, Sassy