Can’t say ‘No’ to the Novus!

We recently interviewed Kirsty from My Little Allotment, the extremely popular and knowledgeable gardening blogger/vlogger, on why she chose the beautiful Vitavia Novus greenhouse.


What made you pick a Vitavia greenhouse?

After seeing Vitavia greenhouses for the first time at Glee gardening trade show I fell in love. I remember seeing the Vitavia Novus and its beautiful pent roof and thinking I’ve never seen one like that

What made you decide on the Vitavia Novus?

For me it was all about the style & practicality . I felt the pent roof gave the greenhouse a really modern look and I loved that. I also loved that you could get it in the dark grey frame which I think gives it the perfect finish. The height of the greenhouse also drew me in, I can stand up in all parts of the greenhouse making it very practical.

How was the delivery of your Vitavia greenhouse?

The delivery of the greenhouse was great, organised really well and delivered on time.

Was your greenhouse quite straight forward to install?

The greenhouse installation took a little longer than expected but it went together well with just two of us. I think having a third person to help does make the experience a little smoother.

What did you first grow in your greenhouse? 

I have been growing so much in my greenhouse since installing it. I have tomato, chilli, courgette, flowers etc.  I am growing everything from seed in the greenhouse ready to then transplant them into my allotment. I also have a few plants that will stay in the greenhouse throughout the summer like my blueberry plant, lemon & kumquat plant.

Will you use your greenhouse solely for growing or outdoor living too?

I am using it solely for growing at the moment but I do have a little chair in there and often go to sit in there for a cuppa.

What has your greenhouse added to your garden space? 

I think the greenhouse is a really lovely focal point in my garden it so lovely to look at and I get so many compliments about it, I think if I didn’t have so many plants to grow I would use it as a little summerhouse.

Do you plan on encouraging your family to help out in the greenhouse to?

Yes I have two young daughters who are 5 & 2 and they come in the greenhouse with me to help care for the plant they are growing.

If you had to sum up your Vitavia greenhouse in 3 words, what would they be?

Stylish, Practical, Amazing.