May Day Motivation!

We hope you all had a wonderful April and your Easter was full of chocolatey surprises! We certainly overindulged this end and our cupboards (as well as our tummies!) look to be bulging with eggs for the foreseeable future! To balance out the naughty treats we hope your greenhouse is fully stocked with all the good stuff. Now is the time to harvest those delicious broad beans, carrots, radish and lettuce, all the ingredients to make a mouth-watering summer salad. If you’ve planted rhubarb, this should also be ready to harvest and, let’s be honest, you really can’t beat a home-made rhubarb crumble!

We mustn’t forget to say a very happy May Day and National Gardening Week to you all! We can’t believe that four months of the year have gone already but also cannot wait to fully embrace a British summer – fingers crossed for a warm and sunny one! We are also very lucky to have two bank holidays this month, giving us lots of opportunity to spend time in our gardens.

The days have already begun to get warmer and longer so the crops and plants within your greenhouse should be thriving. If you are concerned about your crops within the greenhouse on really hot days, then we do recommend a technique called the ‘damping down’ approach. This involves wetting the hard surfaces, such as the floor and shelving, and allowing them to dry naturally. This creates a good level of relative humidity, which is beneficial to the plants. Damping down will also help to cool temperatures by watering the ‘air’ rather than the plants, thus avoiding infection. It is best to do the damping down in the morning, although the process can be repeated several times during the day when it is particularly hot. It is important to avoid splashing the plants, so make sure to water carefully, using a hose or watering can.

As it’s National Gardening Week, don’t forget to head on outside and enjoy your garden and greenhouse. If you’re needing some inspiration, now is the time to plant potatoes and blueberries and sow the following crops:

Runner Beans
Courgette and Summer Squash
Swede and Turnip

Sow don’t delay, get gardening today!