Why you should add a greenhouse to your garden

Benefits of owning a greenhouse

A greenhouse should be seen as a way of extending the growing seasons, creating a small micro climate of its own. In the UK we are very restricted by the elements and unpredictable climate change. A greenhouse simply allows the gardener to shut the door on the weather and maintain those ‘perfect growing’ conditions. A greenhouse enables us to grow fruit and veg which previously had to be overlooked because they would never survive.

What sort of things can I grow?

The beauty of a greenhouse is you are no longer restricted to what you can grow. The majority of fruit and vegetables not only grow but thrive in the conditions a greenhouse offers. Of course, you are not just limited to fruit and veg; a greenhouse can give you a head start on your spring flowers by planting them in the winter months.

Which greenhouse should I buy?

As well as the practicality the greenhouse provides, the right greenhouse can be an attractive addition to any garden. A greenhouse which is well maintained can add an element of colour and interest to the garden.

One of the many benefits of the Vitavia range is all the greenhouses are available in either powder coated green or anodised aluminium.   But “What is anodised aluminium?” we hear you cry!  Well, anodisation is the process by which aluminium is preserved in pristine condition.  The oxide layer which forms on aluminium alloys is thickened through anodisation to increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness. Tougher, longer lasting frames are obviously a key benefit for a structure which has to withstand the vagaries of our climate.

Vitavia offers the complete range

From absolute beginner to accomplished professional, whatever type of gardener you are, Vitavia has something to suit you. From a Gaia cold frame, to many sizes of Ida wall garden, from greenhouses in many styles and sizes (6×4 to 8×20) to garden room styled greenhouses, we have it covered.

As the grow your own philosophy continues to gather momentum, there has never been a better time to buy a greenhouse. With a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, suitable for every situation, Vitavia has become the first choice for gardeners when selecting their greenhouse.

A Vitavia greenhouse makes growing your own easy and every sale is backed by our total commitment to customer care. The range has been developed by an expert team and our products are manufactured in the dedicated Vitavia factory under strict quality guidelines. We have a network of retailers throughout the UK. To find your nearest retailer simply visit our website, alternatively you can phone or email us and our friendly customer services team will be happy to help.

“Above all, the greatest joy of owning a greenhouse is that feeling of stepping into your own private world, leaving the weather and your worries behind you.”