Vitavia Advent Calendar

As Christmas is only 25 days away and the pressures of present buying and food preparations are building, we thought we’d better step in with daily tips on how to protect your crops, plants and greenhouse throughout December. One less thing for you to think about!

So, it goes a little something like this…

On the 1st Day of Christmas my Gardener said to me… (see what we did there?!)

Keep your greenhouse dry and cool, and ventilate on sunny days

On the 2nd Day of Christmas my Gardener said to me…

Ensure that heaters are working properly

We’re sure you get the idea now!

Day 3 Clean and tidy flower pots, trays etc, and store neatly, ready for spring
Day 4 Repair any cracks or holes which could cause heat loss
Day 5 Remove shading and clan glass, framework and staging with garden disinfectant
Day 6 – Store Fuschia and Hydrangea plants under staging for winter
Day 7 – Store Chryanthemum and Dahlia tubers
Day 8Plant Iris bulbs ready for spring
Day 9 Pot on hardy annuals such as Pansies and Sweet Peas ready for bedding in the spring
Day 10 Pot up perennials such a Lupins and Delphinium
Day 11 Sow types of Lettuce Carrots, and French Beans
Day 12 – Pot up Chives, Parsley and Mint for winter supply
Day 13 Add a thermometer to your greenhouse to help you monitor temperatures if you have any particularly tender plants.
Day 14 It’s a balancing act between protecting your plants from the frost, but also preventing humidity, so keep the vents open as much as possible on dry days
Day 15 – Check that your greenhouse structure is fully secure and able to stand up to any storms or extreme weathers.
Day 16 – All kinds of pests love to shelter from colder weather in greenhouses. Get rid of old grow bags, unused pots and containers, and tidy away tools.
Day 17 Space out plants to allow lights to as much of each plant as possible.
Day 18 Dead-head flowers and remove yellowing or leaves with signs of disease.
Day 19 – Cover delicate plants with matting, fleece or newspaper at night if you expect a spell of really cold nights.
Day 20 Prevent water from pooling where you don’t want it. Use a soft brush to clean leaves and other debris from gutters.
Day 21 Drain water butts to prevent build up on algae. Give your water butt a good clean and wipe down with garden disinfectant.
Day 22 Try to shelter your greenhouse from winds by moving larger tubs, water butts, bin stores, etc. to create a wind break.
Day 23 In heated greenhouses, tomatoes, peppers and other tender plants can be sown early in a propagator
Day 24 Sow hardy plants such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celeriac, early leeks, lettuce, onions and peas for planting out when the warmer weather arrives.

And last but not least, most importantly of all…

Day 25 – Vitavia wish a very Merry Christmas to you all!