Keep cosy and grow undercover this winter!

We hope your November kicked off with a sparkle and your eyes were treated to some beautiful firework displays! It has felt worryingly mild for November but we have been warned that the ‘Beast from the East’ is on its way! So be sure to get all your winter woollies down if you’ve not done so already, as it is due to get seriously chilly!

November is a funny month for your gardens as they must feel a little like us, unsure of what the days will bring and drowning a little under the falling leaves and torrential rain showers! Leaves are filling up every path and porch, but that said it has to be one our favourite months for crunchy walks and beautiful autumnal colours.

For many crops, especially tender plants, it is really important to keep them covered throughout the winter, so bring them inside your greenhouse to protect them. Although sunny days seem few and far between at the moment, do make sure you open the vents in your greenhouse on sunnier days.

Although we are not quite at the end of 2018, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the successful year we’ve had so far. We have installed thousands of greenhouses all over the country and we have many more scheduled for pre-Christmas deliveries and into 2019! Here are a few photos of some of the greenhouses we installed.