Pumpkins, Planting and Protection

As Halloween is fast approaching, homegrown pumpkins are appearing in all shapes and sizes.  We hope you’ve got a tasty pumpkin soup recipe at your fingertips and your witch costume is hanging ready to be donned – it sure is going to be Spooktacular!

As the clocks went back on Sunday and the nights are drawing in, you might be questioning whether there is much need for a greenhouse in the winter…

Well the answer is, absolutely!  Your greenhouse provides the perfect protection for your plants to keep out of the wet and cold and remain frost-free throughout the winter.  Light exposure is key for your greenhouse at this time of year, so take down any shading and clean the glass to allow as much sunlight to seep in as possible.  To prevent any mould settling in on these damp days, be sure to remove any dead heads and fallen leaves from your greenhouse.

As winter is just around the corner and gloomy rainy days are looming, try not to feel disheartened as now is the time to hide away in your greenhouse and plant tulip, hyacinth, crocus and snowdrop bulbs ready for spring.  You can also bring chrysanthemums and any other half-hardy plants into your greenhouse, creating a real oasis out of the wet and cold.  If you do have a greenhouse heater then now is the time to think about setting it up in case of early frost, plus it provides extra warmth for those hideaway coffee breaks!