September 2018, what a pleasure you have been!


September kicked off to a fantastic start for us as we visited our partners in Cologne for the show, GAFA. We then returned for our UK exhibition in Birmingham, Glee. The show was a huge success and it was great to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones too. We’re already looking forward to Glee 2019!

This year marks our 10th Anniversary, so we took the opportunity to celebrate at our stand at Glee; we even went as far as having a daily ‘selfie’ competition! Here are just a couple of our favourite entrants, excuse the stoney face, he was having fun we promise!


Since returning to Suffolk our lawns are now scattered with falling leaves and the horse chestnut trees are in full bloom, so it is safe to say Autumn has officially arrived! This season is such a beautiful one, so colourful and crisp, yet were still clinging onto summer, adding a few cheeky layers as and when the wind picks up!

September is the perfect time to harvest tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, not forgetting to clear up your cucumbers. Four deliciously scrumptious ingredients that add mouth-watering flavours to many dishes. It is also the time to sow spring crops of lettuces, carrots and french beans.

It is probably safe to remove shading from your greenhouse now to ensure maximum light exposure, and make sure to bring in plants to avoid any night time frost too. We are still experiencing some lovely sunny afternoons, so make sure you ventilate your greenhouse during these warmers periods. Likewise, be sure to have insulation at the ready for the impending colder weather as October draws closer.