After an extremely chilly and wet April, we all got extremely excited about the sizzling heat wave that we received for the May bank holiday weekend. In true British style we ventured straight to the beach and all returned resembling a perfectly ripened tomato! Our gardens will be enjoying some sunshine too, although we need to make sure temperatures within the greenhouse are kept below 80°F when sunny. Use shading where possible (this is where we clearly went wrong!), especially on south-facing glass and open all ventilators and doors when necessary. When you’re feeling a little parched, always think of your plants too and water and feed them accordingly.

April was an extremely memorable month for us. It marked the 10th Anniversary for Vitavia. A huge thank you to all our customers and partners for helping us to reach 10 years. The Managing Director talks about the journey so far, check out the Q&A here. While we were all reminiscing on the past decade, our Operations Director was busy completing the London Marathon in an unbelievable 27° (randomly the only warm weekend in April)! Just over 4 hours later he had the medal wrapped around his neck, what an achievement, well done Robbie!

Fingers crossed the sunshine continues and you have dusted off your BBQ ready for summer dining over the coming months. Your tummies are bound to be getting excited at the impending fresh salads that will be eaten soon. Now is the time to harvest lettuce, carrots, French beans, beetroot, and radishes, not forgetting tomatoes and cucumber to complete the perfect British salad. We’d love to see what you’ve grown in your greenhouse this year, so do please share your photos with us.

Your garden should also be in full flower this time of year, so make sure you move plants for the garden out of the greenhouse. Hanging baskets are also nearly ready to go outside, so prep them and any tubs you have to be put out in June.