Happy New Year to you all! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful festive break and your Christmas dinner was a masterpiece of home-grown vegetables and herbs!

We were hit with some snow here in Suffolk just before Christmas, so it made it even more magical leading up to the festivities. Indeed, having a fresh home-grown supply of carrots helped to ensure our snowmen could smell the sweet aroma of mulled wine seeping through the kitchen window! Speaking of which, it pays to be a little ‘nosey’ in the greenhouse at this time of year. Slugs and pests may have found their way in to keep out of the cold, so please do keep an eye out for some unwanted visitors.

Although we’ve experienced some chilly days, the sun has been kind in making a regular appearance.  Hopefully, therefore, the greenhouse has kept your plants well protected. If you are able to maintain a temperature above 7° in your greenhouse, this is ideal.

As January is skipping away nicely and New Year resolutions have been set (perhaps you’re one of the 52k people embracing “Veganuary”!), it is time to reflect on 2017 and think ahead to a fresh and fruitful 2018. Now would be a good time to be ordering your seeds and compost for the spring, not forgetting to plant early potatoes for cropping in May.

Here’s to a happy, green-fingered 2018!