As December looms and your wellie boots and coats line your hallway, don’t forget that your greenhouse would also welcome some winter TLC! Although we are still experiencing some delightful, spring like days, it is important to prep your greenhouse for when the cold and frost strike. Remove any shading from within your greenhouse so when the sun makes an appearance it receives maximum light exposure. Also, make sure to repair any cracks and holes that may cause water to seep in and heat to escape.

If on a rainy day you are dreaming of the outside, then your greenhouse provides the perfect shelter to continue your love of gardening whilst sipping on a hot cup of tea! Below are some helpful tips of what can be planted now in readiness for spring;

  • Plant Iris bulbs
  • Pot on hardy annuals such as Pansies and Sweet Peas ready for bedding in spring
  • Pot up perennials such as Lupins and Delphinium
  • Sow types of Lettuce, Carrots and French Beans
  • Pot up Chives, Parsley and Mint for winter supply

So happy planting and sowing folks and always remember, as Gardener Janet Kilburn Phillips says “There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”