The Greenhouse Blog – 04.11.2016 – Vitavia ‘the way of life’

Anodised Aluminium – a joy to behold!

The full range of Vitavia greenhouses (12+ models in multiple sizes) is available in anodised aluminium.  When compared to standard aluminium, as found in most other hobby greenhouses, there really is no competition.  Anodised aluminium is a joy to behold!  It really does set Vitavia greenhouses apart from the rest.

Anodisation is a process which preserves aluminium keeping it in pristine condition.  An oxide layer is formed on the aluminium alloys and is thickened through anodisation to increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness (the scientific bit is detailed below!).

Tougher, longer lasting frames are obviously a key benefit for a structure which has to withstand the vagaries of the British climate. It looks better and is much cleaner to work with too.  Yet  Anodised Aluminium is just one of the benefits of a Vitavia greenhouse.  Why not visit our website ( to find out more and keep up to date with other fascinating blogs to come!!

An anodised aluminium layer is developed on the greenhouse frame by passing a direct current through an electrolytic solution, with the aluminium frame serving as the anode (which is a positive electrode).  The electric current releases hydrogen at the cathode (the negative electrode) and oxygen at the surface of the aluminium anode, creating a build-up of aluminium oxide.